To begin, here is a little information about myself. I graduated with an Elementary education degree from Widener University located just outside of Philadelphia. I student taught fourth grade in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. After moving to Morristown, I became a substitute here at St. Pat’s. I was born and raised in West Chester, Pennsylvania and was brought up in a close knit Catholic family.
As a Catholic Educator, I believe children should be taught their faith alongside of and intertwined with the curriculum. It is important to me that students in my classroom have the capability and are encouraged to be engaged in their faith. In order to grow with God, I believe students should be able to openly discuss our faith in a classroom setting where everyone has similar beliefs. I feel cross curriculum and integration of our faith is essential to creating a well rounded student who excels in not only academics but also in their morality and faith.
Every child is unique in their own way, as an educator, I am responsible for recognizing each student’s individual learning styles. I believe it is essential for children to set realistic personal goals and it is equally as important that we work together to achieves those goals. It is critical for my students to remain actively engaged and to be constantly reminded of their potential. I consider every child a gift from God and to be able to teach and bring out each child’s potential is a blessing each and every day to me. I am enthusiastic and overjoyed to join the St. Pat’s family and educate in a Catholic community where I can share my strong catholic faith with my students.

I look forward to getting to know you and your child this year!

Miss. George